Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is defined as the process of using software to automate marketing campaigns and activities throughout the entire buyer’s journey — from initial customer interactions through to post-sales support.


What can marketing automation do?

Marketing automation tools help you streamline the entire marketing process by automating repetitive tasks. Actions are taken automatically at the times when they are most effective. This increases the chances of your business generating new leads, making sales, and increasing your marketing ROI – all while freeing up your marketing team to focus on other tasks.

Marketing automation mostly focuses on the following three sections:

Personalization and targeted email marketing

Marketing automation software provides you with customer data that lets you target each customer with the content most relevant to them based on who they are and how they interact with your company. This ensures each lead is always sent the content that will help them overcome their specific barriers to purchase—no more sending out ineffective mass email campaigns to your entire list.

Identify strong leads

Marketing automation software lets marketing teams score leads based on the likelihood of them buying your product. You set points for each action a lead takes and when the lead reaches a predefined point total, you pass the lead on to your sales team to follow up.

For example, if a lead has opened all your emails, signed up for a webinar, and visited the pricing page of your website, this is a warm lead. Someone who only opens your email sporadically and never clicks through to your website is cold.

Segment your customer base

Marketing automation platforms help you segment your customer base, allowing you to target different groups with the most relevant marketing strategy. By segmenting customers based on their location, the pages they visit, or their buying preferences you can create a better customer experience and stronger customer relationships.