Website Building

When it seems that social media rule the Internet, you might ask yourself, “Do I need a website?” The answer is yes, and I’m here to tell you why.

In 2019, 70-80% of people were researching companies online before visiting it/making a purchase, and the same percentage of customers could be lost to small businesses without a website. And when the world suddenly required more online presence than real-life presence the following year, having your own website became even more crucial.

If you’re not convinced yet, and you’re curious about the advantages of websites over social media profiles, read on! Here are five ultimate reasons why you need a website:

1. Having a website makes you look professional and increases trust.

2. A business website will bring you more customers and increase conversions.

3. Creating your own website is much easier and less expensive than you expect.

4. A website gives you full control over the medium.

5. Websites are the center of all marketing efforts.