Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) focuses on the relationship between a business and its customers. It includes every interaction, no matter how brief and even if it doesn’t result in a purchase.

Whether it’s a call to a contact center, exposure to an ad, or even something as mundane as the payment of a bill, every exchange between customers and businesses builds (or damages) the relationship.

Most importantly, it’s how customers view those experiences in aggregate that matters.

“Customer experience is how a customer feels about the sum of their interactions with a business,” said Dave Dyson, Sr. Customer Service Evangelist, Zendesk. “It involves every way a customer interacts with a company, at all stages of the customer journey—including the marketing materials they see before they become a customer, the sales experience, the quality of the product or service itself, and the customer service they receive post-purchase.”

What is the difference between customer experience and customer service?

The difference between customer service and customer experience is that customer service is one factor in the customer journey, while customer experience is the sum of all a customer’s interactions with the brand.

In other words, customer service is one piece of the customer experience puzzle.

How customers feel about your brand is tied to customer retention, lifetime value, and brand loyalty—and 52 percent of customers report going out of their way to buy from brands they’re loyal to,